Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

When looking for an affordable hotel in Kalimpong, for 2019,  you must know all the information and location about Hotel.

You can search by destination, by neighborhood, shopping areas, landmarks, and even nearer airport, it makes finding the right hotel as simple as you can.

Breathtaking and heavenly stay in Kalimpong will be your best experience when you book your desire hotel rooms with a best and perfect hotel agency.

So, are you the one searching for the affordable hotel in Kalimpong?

Then before booking a hotel in Kalimpong, you should know about a small hill station?

Nestled in the blessing of Nature lap, and far from the crowded cities a small hill station Kalimpong is situated in the altitude of 4,100ft.

One can easily reach this hill town via air, train and by road. The main route via plane meets Bagdogra and forward to Siliguri to Teesta and then the chosen destination to Kalimpong. By train, you can visit from your main rail station to NJP station. And form Gangtok, Darjeeling Gangtok it takes 2 to 3 hours to reach Kalimpong.

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

The view of the Himalayas, the greeneries and the beautiful town of Kalimpong.

One can have a gratifying stay in Kalimpong hill station. Kalimpong presents itself just the way a visitor or a tourist would prefer, with a group or alone.

Kalimpong presents the manifest compatible weather combined with magnificent views of Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan snow peaks, sweeping landscapes and lush greenery that the British found themselves familiar with.

Once Kalimpong was under the king of Bhutan, unfortunately, what happens is they had to hand over the administration to British in the year 1864. 

From this day on words, Kalimpong has brought drastic changes.  A number of great schools with a high standard of education was build and still, you can explore those school like Dr. Gram Homes.

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

Created lovely housing architectures in traditional British style that will remind you of the typical British countryside, built several charity institutions and of course many flowering gardens.

Culture of Kalimpong

Kalimpong is very rich in culture. Home to immigrants from Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet, Bhutan, and even Europe has left a big footprint spreading their Culture and traditions. It was a deserted place full of dense forests and having only a handful of tribal inhabitants.

The Lepchas are the original inhabitants from the time when much of the land was covered with heavy forest. They are of Mongolian origin and speak in a language of their own called ‘Rong-Ring’. The Lepchas are also known as Rongpas.

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

Tribes like Khampas who belonged to the Lepcha tribe are also relatively recent immigrants from Tibet. They are Buddhists and dress like American cowboys.

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

The immigrants from Nepal, also known as Nepalis, speak Nepali language and their religion is usually Hinduism. They comprise a number of clans speaking different dialects. Among them are the Upadhyayas, the Thakurs, the Ranas, the Brahmins, Gurungs, Tamangs, Rais, Magars, Thapas, and Newars.

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

Kalimpong is not only rich in culture but also this place is blessed with many forested lands and terraced fields where rice, millet, maize, organic vegetables.

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

The place is also well known for growing quality spices like cardamom, ginger, turmeric etc.

Are you bored with having the same taste of food in your cities, if yes then welcome to Kalimpong and taste the Himalayan spicy food like Fambii, Momo, Thukpha and many more?

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

So, are you ready to taste this delicious and spicy food of Kalimpong?

Although Kalimpong is a small hill town but also a number of Affordable Hotel is located in this beautiful property where one can easily stay after visiting their tourist destination.

Where you want to stay?

Kalimpong presence luxury to budget and affordable hotels near the main town and also if you want to stay in an eco-friendly environment and a little bit far from the crowded area then Kalimpong give you a chance to fulfill your desire.

What are the accommodation and facilities that you prefer in Affordable Hotels in Kalimpong? 

You can discover that Hotels are well maintained with strong materials and unique amenities, all the rooms are well equipped with wooden furniture to include wooden bedrooms, Wooden wardrobe, desk, and chair. A can also book a room like Double Room, Single Room, Family Room, Dormitory Room and

All the rooms are attached with clean and hygienic bathrooms, TV facilities, WIFI, parking facilities, 24 hot and cold running water and more.

You can feel a hotel as a home the staff is quite friendly and nice.

Hotel is also attached with In-house Multi Cuisine Restaurant with all facility for on-demand service of delicious Indian, Chinese and Continental food.

Based on amenities, reviews, scores and room rates, select one and book at an attractive low rate.

And along with booking hotel in Kalimpong, you can also get a list of tour places that ensures you to have ample options for sightseeing.

Now let’s move to some tourist places of Kalimpong?

Delo Hill

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

Delo Hill is known as the highest point in town and one of the famous tourist places in Kalimpong. Here one can enjoy their adventure activities like paragliding and horse riding.

Crookety House

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

Another tourist places in Kalimpong, Crookety House is renowned for it’s for its colloquial European architecture.

Dr. Graham’s Home

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

Dr. Graham’s Home was build in the year 1900, for the Orphan children and slowly lots of children from other places came here to study in this school, Dr. Graham’s Home is situated on the lower slopes of Delo Hill.

Lepcha Museum

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

The Lepcha Museum is the cultural center of Kalimpong. It houses various articles of worship, musical instruments, and clothing.

Other then one can also visit the places from Kalimpong like:

Lava and Lolegaon

Affordable Hotel in Kalimpong for 2019

Surrounded by forests, Lava is a beautiful mountain village that can be reached in an hour and a half from Kalimpong. It is a delight for nature lovers and bird watchers. Popular tourist places in the vicinity include the Neora Valley National Park, Silviculture Research Centre, and Changey falls.

Which is the best time to visit Kalimpong?

Kalimpong Climatic conditions always remain pleasant throughout the year. The best time you can visit this hill station is from April, June, October, and  November. In this month it will be the best season for your stay along with tour packages.

You can avail discounts on booking your Hotel Rooms during January, February, and March.

Hope your journey to Kalimpong will make your vacation more interesting and memorizing.

If you the one searching for the best Hotel in Kalimpong then this blog could help you to find the best room in a perfect destination.


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