Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

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Where could you find the comfort Hotel in Kalimpong?

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

Situated in the small hill station Kalimpong that lies in a small town presenting the most wonderful gift and blessing of Nature beauty occupy thousands of Comfortable Hotels with all kind of accommodation that one should require during their long tour stay.

How about visiting this incredible town?

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

The delightful green pine forests, the majestic rolling hills, the gorgeous blue flowing rivers like a mirror the magical tour places the pure cultivated rice, and organic vegetables the taste of different delicious and spicy cuisine make Kalimpong one of the Incredible towns.

So it will be your best options to visit this incredible town.

Amm! Now you are you thinking if I book a hotel in Kalimpong then how can I reach?

So, let me clear up your confusion.

To reach Kalimpong it’s simple and easy.

Kalimpong has a well-connected route which can meet from various places like Bagdogra which is the main airport, NJP the main Railway Station, and also you can visit Kalimpong through roads via Siliguri, Darjeeling, Gangtok and from many other places.

How much time you will consume to reach Kalimpong.

Let’s see it

From Siliguri, it takes 65 km and time 2.5 hours by road
Darjeeling to reach Kalimpong 55kms 2.5 hours by road
73kms NJP to Kalimpong, 75kms from Bagdogra to Kalimpong maximum time (2hours 45mins by car) 
Blessing for a safe onward journey through the winding roads of the mountains, you can visit your destination towards Kalimpong.

With so much to see and do, we would help you decide where to stay. 

After reaching Kalimpong you can easily hire a comfortable Hotel where you can relax and have a pleasant stay without any trouble.

With its gorgeous attractions and strong spicy local cuisine, you can enjoy your stay in Hotels with your family, friends, and loved ones.

From the hotel, you can also explore the entire places of Kalimpong and one of the eye-catching views that you can see is Kanchenjunga Snow Peak. 

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

Hotel is situated in the main town, so it will be easy for you to go shopping in the local Hat Bazaar, and other nearer markets.

You can also find Multi Cuisine Restaurants where delicious Indian, Chinese, Gorkha, and continental food are provided. Tasting different varieties of spicy cuisine you will fall in love with Kalimpong Himalayan taste.
Some of the cuisines that you love to taste are Momo, Thupka and the most famous and spicy cuisine snake is Fambii.

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

Taste the Himalayan Delicious Cuisine.

Kalimpong is also filled with adventures spot where you can do Trekking, Hiking, fishing, paragliding, rafting, cycling, Mountain Biking and many more.

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

Kalimpong also presents a number of Tourist places from a hotel you can easily reach this destination via car or taxi, which is available in the near stand of a hotel.

Kalimpong is called a “Hidden Gem”. Why do you want to know?

As you know well Kalimpong is a small hill station situated in West Bengal. The Immigrations of tribal people like Lepchas, Gorkha, Sherpa, Bhuties has made Kalimpong rich in Culture and traditions.

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

The uniqueness of culture, the art structure of Old buildings like Monasteries, Churches, Temples, educational institution, Flowers Nursery, and other attractive places had made Kalimpong a “Hidden Gem”.

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

Best and attractive tourist places of Kalimpong?

To travel a long journey is not only a way to entertain yourself, but it is the best way where you can interact with the people their natural culture and the most important thing is to make yourself more intelligent gaining some useful Knowledge from the place where you visit.

A place that you can choose any of them while you visit Kalimpong.

Delo Hills

Comfortable hotel in KalimpongThe main tourist places are Delo hills most of the guest love to visit here to explore the beautiful park filled with Colourful flowers and to ride on Horse. This place gives a beautiful glimpse while taking photos also Delo is a movie shooting spot. One can also enjoy Paragliding.

Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Gompa

Comfortable hotel in KalimpongThis is the name of Buddhist Monasteries that lies in the beautiful property of Durpin Hill. Zong Dog Gompa is one of the oldest Monasteries.

Army Golf ground

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

It gives you a company to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire surroundings and being a military area 

Tharpa Choling Monastery

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

This Monastery was build in 1937 by Gelupka sect of Buddhism in Tirpai Hills, this place give you a stunning view of the Kalimpong town.

Other places that you can visit from Kalimpong are :

Lava Lolegoan

Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

These two places are more attractive and wonderful, this place takes you the most stunning lake known as Gurudongma Lake.


Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

A beautiful place which lies in the land of Darjeeling. It is a hill station which is situated 3500 ft above the sea level. Talking about this place it is a calm and quiet place where around 250 families reside. 


Comfortable hotel in Kalimpong

It is well known for its Catholic churches. Pedong is only the fort of Damsang in the hills and is located on the silk route.

The pristine natural beauty and number of exciting experiences make Kalimpong one of the missed holiday destination. 

Refreshing your mind and soul in the bedrooms of the Hotel in Kalimpong sounds a good right!

So, chose a right hotel that boasts of a friendly environment with spacious rooms which range from comfortable single bedrooms to double, dormitory and family rooms complete with good clean bathrooms, television and all the rooms types of furniture like cupboards, beds and other accommodation that fills your requirements.

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