How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

Having a peaceful and relaxing stay in bedcovers in a beautiful room in any of the hotel in Kalimpong is a cool idea.

But to search for a perfect hotel room by yourself will be a big challenge for you.

You are thinking? Huh! How can be it difficult for me?

To book hotel rooms first you have to search many hotels site and check all the information so, you will get confused and start questioning?

I will stay at this hotel? Again you see another no I will book this hotel?

Searching here and there you will waste your precious time.

So, looking for your comfort what I suggest is hire the best hotel agency that can help you out to get the perfect hotel in Kalimpong.

Which save your time and can easily book your desired hotel in Kalimpong staying at own town and cities.

Want to know some brief about a hotel in Kalimpong?

As I told you Kalimpong represent numbers of hotels which have a quality based rooms which suit for both luxury, budget and business traveler.

Hotels are located in the main course where people can easily find their booked hotels, some of the hotels in Kalimpong is located in the walkable distance from the main bus stand and some of them are located in 5 to 10 km from the main stand.

While you visit your desired hotel, you not only feel perfect but the services and well mannered of hotel staff and friendly relation with hotel owners make you feel like you are in your own home.

How can I get the best hotel in KalimpongYou can discover that the hotel is well maintained and equipped with lots of fancy materials that make your stay more wonderful. Rooms are also many like if you are traveling solo trip then rooms like single room will be a best if you are with a family, friend and couple then double bedroom, family bedrooms, and dormitory rooms suits you.

And from hotel rooms, you can interact with the nature and the most mesmerizing view of Kanchenjunga snow peak.

Wow! The view of Kanchenjunga takes you to the world of Paradise.

The hotels’ rooms that you stay are attached with clean and hygienic bathrooms, TV facilities, ward drop, and all the amenities that you required.

What offers do you get while staying in Hotel In Kalimpong?

  • WI-FI facility in the whole property
  • Hot and running water in bathrooms
  • Doctor on calls
  • Free Parking
  • Room Heater
  • Electric Kettle.

So, are you excited to visit in Kalimpong and stay in your desired hotel?

Yes, then how can you reach Kalimpong?

Let me tell you?

Kalimpong one of the hill stations lies in the Indian state of West Bengal. To reach this destination you can visit through the plane, Train and by road.

Kalimpong is well connected by road from various places including NJP, Siliguri, Bagdogra, Darjeeling, Gangtok and from many other places.

From Bagdogra, NJP it takes 2.5 hours to reach Kalimpong and via Darjeeling, Gangtok, Siliguri, and from other states you can visit by road and it takes 2 to 3 hours to reach Kalimpong.

While traveling through Bagdogra you will meet with Sevoke Road the national highway then passing through you will meet with Teesta Bridge crossing the river Teesta you will meet the road then finally you will reach your destination to Kalimpong.

Little about Kalimpong

Located at an average of 1,250 meters, the Hill station Kalimpong has become one of the best tourist spots nowadays.

In the time of British rule in Kalimpong, many Nepalese migrated here in search of livelihood.

Lepchas original colonist of the place also expanded, number of Indians from lower plains had settled here for works.

After that Kalimpong had become a trading center with Bhutanese lots of goods were exchange and manufacture from one place to another, these processes of exchanging good from Kalimpong to Tibet did not last for a long time.

For the sake of China in the 1960s, the trade with Tibet was break up.

The separation made Kalimpong stronger than before, the cultures and traditions of Nepalese the words signify for Gorkhas, Lepchas, Indians, and Tibetans had made Kalimpong one of the main spots of culture and traditions.

Kalimpong has also bounded with the peaceful divinity old temples, Monastery, Churches, Mosque, where each and every faith can take a blessing from here.

Not only the holy temples, but Kalimpong also famous for its delicious and spicy cuisine, like Fambii, Laffin, Alu Thupkha, and Dalle Khursani.

How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

To look a fascinating view of Mountain, Great hill walks, bird watching and for wonderful scenic drives you should not waste lots of money to do all these activities going abroad and other cities, here in Kalimpong you can watch all these activities without any cost.

How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

Do you want to explore the most admirable tour places of Kalimpong form your desire hotel if yes then here you go?

One cannot oppose certain pleasure visiting a place of Kalimpong like

Durpin Dara

How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

Durpin Dara is well known for its holy Buddhist Monastery known as Zong Dong Palri Fo Brang Monastery. This is one of the oldest Monastery in the area that boasts a wonderful serene.

Delo Hills

How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

This hill is situated in the top of Kalimpong in an altitude of 1704 m located at North East. It has been one of the top tourist destinations. This spot gives a traveler a chance to do thrilling adventures activities.

Morgan House

How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

 Morgan’s Houses was build in the year 1930s by George Morgan, who lived there till the death of Lady Morgan. This house is also known as a Hunted house situated in the tiny hill station of Kalimpong in West Bengal

Flower Nurseries

How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

Kalimpong has been one of the main sources of flowers. Here one can enjoy various nurseries including varieties of flowers as well as cactuses.

Army Golf Club

How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

Another tourist places, where people can relax and enjoy the pleasant view of Nature beauty. From Durpin hills one can easily visit this place by work. This is a 9-hole 3652 yards, par 64 golf course at 4,400 ft altitude in a picturesque setting and overlooking the wonderful views of the mountains.

Mangal Dham

How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

Is one of the most beautiful temples in India and one of the best in Kalimpong. In 1940 Guruji Shri Mangal Dasji Maharaj visited Kalimpong.

Tagore House

How can I get the best hotel in Kalimpong

This house was build in the memories of great Poet Rabindranath Tagore in the year 1943 by his daughter-in-law Pratima Devi Tagore’s.

So, if you are also ready to explore these above places form your desire hotel in Kalimpong then book your hotel now and enjoy all the activities that make your day awesome.

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